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The HY-RQ800-1500G multi-putpose computer heat-seal cut the bag-najubg machine

usage and features:This machine RQ800 is applied to making BOPP bag .Butthe machine RQ1500G is applied to opening the port for the drum-type...

HY-RDY400/600/900 triangle bah-making machine(fresh flower bag-making machine)

USE AND FEATURE:The machine is mainly used for makingbags like flower bags,umbrellabags,tie bags and so on.lt can produce arcbags with BOPP...

The HY-RQ500-1000 high speed computer heat-seal cuts the bag-making machine

Suitable materials:BOPP、PP、PE、erc、、which can be used to heat seal and cut.Prducts :Ctothing bag 、socks bag、bread bag、ornaments bag...

The HY-RQ800/1000/1300 multi –purpose computets hang the pocket bag-making machine

USAGE:This machine,alarge-sized hot sealing and cutting bag-making machine,is applied to making large-sized film bags ,narrow film bags and...


HONGYU is a professional manufactory of high-quality plastic packaging equipment.We are focus on high-performance bag-making machine developmeng and production.We have many advance technology patents,we provide best customized equipment for our customers......View More About


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